Careers at Concurnas

Who we are looking for

We are always on the look out for experienced hands on lead engineers, project managers and system architects who are passionate about Concurnas and can work as consultants for our clients (potentially on site), provide production/development support and to work on building an even better Concurnas.

We are open to applicants from anywhere in the world!


We aim to hire exclusively from our open-source contributors. The best way to join the team at Concurnas Ltd. is to either have worked on Concurnas already, or to start by forking the Concurnas programming language on Github, find a problem to work on with us, and we’ll can see if there’s a fit! Working together is more informative than interviews, and with a little luck it’ll be more fun. Plus if things don't work out, you've still got your contribution to Concurnas to be proud of!

We need our consultants to be

  • Team players

    "A rising tide lifts all boats". Our ultimate goal is to deliver on our clients projects. When they succeed so do we and so we are team players, giving credit where it's due and assisting wherever we can to help our clients, and above all always looking to find a better way to work as a team to achieve our client's goals.

  • Excellent communicators

    You will be expected to be an ambassador to the Concurnas brand.

  • Doers

    Our consultants have to deliver. Talking about work is great but rolling up one's sleeves and getting on with it is what's required to deliver.

  • Feedback

    Realizing that no journey is ever over, no masterpiece ever complete, our consultants are always open to feedback on how to improve, learn new things and innovate.

  • Work with Integrity

    Always honest when communicating, no politics or games, and always assuming of good intentions

Technical skills required

  • Be a hands on polyglot programmer

  • A contributor to the Concurnas programming language (see 'Eligibility' above)

  • At least 5 (preferably 10) years+ relevant experience

  • Practiced in modern software development methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban etc)

  • A degree in Computer Science or related STEM subject

  • Preferably previous consulting experience

Benefits1 of Working at Concurnas

We wish to attract only the best talent, and as such offer a competitive benefits package to support this

  • Competitive compensation

    We aim to exclusively consult to industry leading clients and as such, are able to offer top tier compensation to match.

  • Salary loaded compensation

    Concurnas Ltd. is a privately funded startup and we have decided that it's in the company and our clients best interest to remain so. Since we have no aspirations of going public it would be disingenuous to offer our staff equity/options etc. Instead we pay a proper salary.

  • Flexible hours/working location

    If not on location with a client you are free to work wherever in the world you like, and provided that the working hours in which you are contactable overlap for at least 4 hours per working day with your team you are free to work whichever hours you see fit

  • Parental Leave

    4 months parental leave to spend as you see fit with the new member(s) of your family

  • Competitive benefits package

    Including health care, pension, 25 days annual leave + public holidays

1We aim to provide the same benefits to staff in all locations, but due to regional differences this may not always be possible.


If you think this is you then get in touch today!