Downloading and Installing Concurnas

Ensure sure you have at least Java 1.8 JDK installed.

To check, open the terminal and type:

java -version (Make sure you have version greater than or equal to 1.8.)

(If you don't have it installed, download Java here)
Install Concurnas

Download the Concurnas .msi installer for windows:

Windows Installer version if you're behind a corporate firewall

Using SDKMAN!, you can easily install Concurnas with:

sdk install concurnas

Previous releases of Concurnas may be found on github

Other ways to install Concurnas

Download the latest .zip release of Concurnas

Extract to your desired installation directory.

Add the contents of <installDir>/bin to the system path (Optional but recommended step)

Getting started coding

You're now ready to start programming with Concurnas!

Start the Concurnas REPL:

Welcome to Concurnas 1.14.019 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, Java 11.0.5).
Currently running in REPL mode. For help type: /help


The Concurnas REPL is a great tool for getting started with programming in Concurnas before moving on to implementing projects with it.

VIDEO: Getting Started with Concurnas is a nice introduction to the Concurnas REPL, concc and conc command line tools for compiling and executing code written in Concurnas

The first time Concurnas is executed, or when a new JVM environment upon which it's being executed is detected, an 'installation' will take place wherein Concurnas will set itself up to execute efficiently upon said JVM environment by caching a copy of the JDK. This can take up to a few minutes to complete.
Next steps

Checkout the online documentation

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GPU Computing

Concurnas offers first class citizen support for GPU programming.

To take advantage of this support one requires access to a machine with a suitable GPU such as those produced by NVIDIA and AMD.


Support for Concurnas exists in the following IDE's:


Concc Compiler


VS Code

Sublime Text


In addition to free Community Support, Concurnas Ltd offers a number of commercial support plans. Our commercial support plans offer you both production support and development assistance.


Concurnas is released under the MIT License.


Concurnas has been verified as compatible with the following versions of Java running on Oracle JDK and OpenJDK*:








Compatible *

*Concurnas Ltd. can provide for support for Java distributions which are either marked as incompatible or not listed here. Contact us for more details

Concurnas can run on any operating system upon which these versions of Java run (i.e. Windows and Linux)


Concurnas is an open source software project supported by the team at Concurnas Ltd. We are welcoming of public contributions. Learn how to contribute here