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2020-03-15 - March 2020 Newsletter

The March 2020 newsletter covers the latest release, Concurnas in the press, the growth of Concurnas and how volunteers can contribute to the language, check it out!

2020-03-08 - Concurnas 1.14.020 released

2020-03-05 - Jaxenter tutorial on Concurnas

A new tutorial introducing the basic syntax, concurrency model, object orientation, dependency injection, DSL and GPU computing functionality of Concurnas available at Jaxenter.

2020-02-28 - Java vs Concurnas

A new three part article highlighting the differences between Java and Concurnas and why Concurnas is recommended for modern software development on the JVM

2020-02-26 - waterstechnology interview

A new interview with the Founder of Concurnas on waterstechnology - [Paywall]

2020-02-26 - Concurnas article [French]

We are pleased to announce this new article introducing Concurnas on! - [French]

2020-02-21 - InfoWorld article on Concurnas

We are pleased to announce this new article introducing Concurnas on InfoWorld!

2020-02-18 - efinancialcareers article on Concurnas

Ever wondered what Jason Tatton, the Founder of Concurnas, used to do before creating Concurnas? Find out in this article on efinancialcareers

2020-02-17 - Concurnas is now part of the SDKMAN! platform

We are proud to announce that Concurnas is now part of the SDKMAN! platform. This greatly improves accessibility for Linux users. We also offer a direct Windows .msi installer. Both of these options make installation of Concurnas a breeze. Download Concurnas today

2020-02-15 - Concurnas 1.14.019 released

2020-02-07 - Concurnas 1.14.017 released

2020-01-17 - Concurnas 1.14.016 released

2020-01-16 - Getting started with Concurnas video

Getting Started with Concurnas - covering the Concurnas REPL, concc and conc command line tools. Watch it...