Contributing to Concurnas

Concurnas is an open source software project. The source code for the Concurnas programming language, runtime, standard library and reference manual is maintained on GitHub. While the majority of contributions to the code has come from the team at Concurnas Ltd. we are welcoming of public contributions. We will help you and work together in order to build an even better Concurnas!

Contributing to the code

If you want to contribute to the code, go to GitHub, check out the latest version and follow the instructions on how to build Concurnas from source. After that, you can start picking some issues and projects on Github. Start with tasks tagged with good first issue as these are some of the easier ones to get started with.

Contributing with blogs, articles or videos

Have you referenced Concurnas in a blog, written an article, tutorial or created or video on Concurnas? Let us know and we'll reference it on our site!