Customers who have purchased a support plan may email [email protected]. You can find information about our Support Plans, or look into our Community Support options that are backed by the team at Concurnas Ltd. For all other inquiries please email [email protected].

Contacting us for paid support

When contacting us on a paid support plan please provide your Concurnas customer reference number and organization name.

If you are contacting us about a usage problem or product bug we will happily receive any form of report. We do not require any formal structure for such a message. Naturally though, the more concise and direct the information you provide the easier it will be for us to get to address the issue. In addition to the information above, please try to:

  • Include the name and version of our technology that you are encountering a problem with
  • Provide any error logs, console error information, compiler error reports etc related to the issue
  • Describe the circumstances under which the issue arises, in a manner in which we can recreate the problem on one of our own systems
  • Attach any code that is needed to demonstrate the problem. The more directly this shows the issue the more useful it will be to us. If the issue relies on certain input data, please give us the data. If you are reporting a suspected bug in a compiler or library, it's helpful if you can make your code as small as possible

Please note that we do appreciate that sometimes you may be constrained in what you can send us, so even if you can't meet all the criteria discussed above, we still want to hear from you!