Concurnas Ltd.

Concurnas Ltd was established in 2018 as a commercial entity in order to support the ongoing development of the Concurnas programming language compiler, runtime and standard library as open source as well as to provide related services.

Our core business is as follows:

  • To support the ongoing development and evolution of The Concurnas Programming language.
  • To offer commercial support for Concurnas.
  • To support the Concurnas open source community.
  • To provide IT consulting services for companies who are building systems with Concurnas and/or other technologies.

You can read more about our Support Plans and Consulting Services, and you can help improve the Concurnas programming language by sponsoring development today!

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry regarding Concurnas Ltd.

Registered Office

Concurnas Limited.
160 Kemp House, City Road,
London EC1V 2NX

Company Registration Details

Registered in England & Wales
Company Registration: 11611523