Sponsored Development

We have a large number of enhancements and new features that we intend to add to the Concurnas programming language. With the help of your organizations sponsorship we will be able to deliver these improvements more quickly.

We intend to offer organizations the opportunity to directly fund specific projects to improve Concurnas. We intend to prioritize these improvements over general improvements provided it's in the best interests of the Concurnas programming language to do so.

Sponsoring development in this way is extremely advantageous to an organizations since the team at Concurnas Ltd, who have originally built Concurnas, will most likely be performing the work at a reduced cost relative to a dedicated team at your organization, and with certainly at a reduced relative time to market.

We are currently exploring mechanisms by which projects can be sponsored and would welcome your views on how this can be best implemented.

Please get in touch at: [email protected] with your views or if your organization would be interested in sponsoring development