Support Plans

In addition to free Community Support, Concurnas Ltd. offers the following commercial support plans. These support plans cover our technologies: the Concurnas language compiler, the Concurnas runtime and standard library

More than just production support

Our commercial support plans offer you both production support and development assistance. We want you to get the best out of our technologies. You can communicate directly with the creators and maintainers of the Concurnas programming language. Our experts provide not only break-fix support but can offer advice on:

  • How best to leverage Concurnas within your organization
  • Solving problems with Concurnas
  • Architecting systems with Concurnas
  • Integrating existing and new systems with Concurnas

Available plans

  Community Startup Enterprise Multinational
Open Source Community
Free access to the Concurnas open source community, backed by the team at Concurnas Ltd.
Your company Logo
Show the world you're at the cutting edge of software engineering. You company logo will be listed on our website and related marketing material as a customer of the Concurnas programming Language.
Support Hours
Our experts will spend up to this amount of time addressing your needs per year across the communication medium's available to you
20 hours
100 hours
400 hours
Email Support
You can get in touch via email with one of our technical experts who will help you with our technologies.
Priority Bug Fixes
File a bug report and we will address them with the highest priority. Once fixed, you will be able to access either the current Git build or a custom build against the latest release with your bug fixed.
72 hours initial response time after the bug report was filled.1
48 hours initial response time after the bug report was filled.1
Feature Requests
Suggest to us any feature that you might need and we will examine your request with diligence and provide response on its possibility for inclusion
Phone/Skype Support
Schedule a phone or Skype talk to discuss your needs with our experts directly.
Major release consultation
Be the first to know about major improvements to our technologies and have your say on their development
Long Term support
An extended one-year support period for older versions of our technologies including backports of fixes to ensure the stability of your systems.
On demand releases
You can ask for a specific release being tailored for your needs out of our usual release schedule.
Price2 / year Free $8,0003 $32,000 $120,000

1 UK Business hours only (9am - 5pm Monday-Friday). Excluding UK bank holidays.
2 +VAT where applicable (prices are stated as exclusive of VAT)
3 reserved for companies under $5M annual revenue

Support hours expire one year after purchase. We will let you if you are getting low support on hours and need to top up. If you do run out of support hours you can purchase more in units equal to your initial allocation at your plan level. Organizations may purchase multiple plans for use within different divisions.

We also offer bespoke plans (e.g. offering more support hours) at Multinational level.

If would like to sign up to one of these support plans or if you have any question regarding them, please contact us at [email protected].

Contacting us for paid support

If you are already subscribed to a support plan above and would like to contact us then please see our contact details