Concurnas for Startups

Concurnas is a great language for startups many reasons including:

Easy to learn and high performance

The syntax of Concurnas is greatly inspired by languages such as Python - which is widely recognized as one of the easiest programming languages to learn.

Dynamically typed languages are often easy to learn but come with a performance penalty, not so with Concurnas as it runs upon the Java virtual Machine (JVM), thus giving you access to the phenomenal high performance of the JVM. In this way we can be productive on day one and get to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as quick as possible.

Concurnas has been designed as a language which scales from prototype through to production. From an idea running on a laptop to a multi data center deployment, Concurnas code requires minimal if any changes to its structure. Massive rewrites are not required. This reduces cost and helps startups scale past MVP.

Type safe syntax

Developers working with dynamically typed languages will often extol their benefits for working in a rapid development environment, unfortunately these benefits often wear off as code grows and comes to be used by a team or multiple teams. This tends not to be the issue with statically typed languages and this is where Concurnas fits in with its static typing backed by type inference which allows most code to be expressed in a dynamic way, without types, but with all the benefits of those types.

Concurnas is a null safe language. The null pointer exception is the bane of many a programmers existence and one of the most common errors to occur (often in production!), Concurnas incorporates a nullability constraint as part its type system and a number of tools for managing nullable state. It is through this means that null pointer exceptions are virtually eliminated and we can have greater confidence in the software produced.

Compatibility with Java

Concurnas, by virtue of the fact that it runs upon the JVM, can be run along side and utilize Java based libraries and other JVM languages popular with startups including Kotlin and Scala.

DSL's and Extensions

Startups often benefit from Domain Specific Languages (DSL's). Since it is not just software engineers who are creating software, any method by which the cognitive gap can be reduced between the problem domain and computer programming language is welcomed! DSL's help to greatly reduce this gap hence their popularity.

Concurnas includes a number of useful tools including operator overloading, extension functions and expression lists which can be used for DSL implementation.

Sometimes a startup becomes a disruptor with their own customized language needs. Concurnas is an extensible language, it is possible to embed virtually any programming language directly within Concurnas code, even new ones!

Open Source

Concurnas is free and open source, licensed under the popular and permissive MIT license.


Concurnas Ltd. was established in 2018 as a commercial entity in order to support the ongoing development of the Concurnas programming language as open source and to provide commercial support for Concurnas and consulting

We are able to provide commercial support for startups with a dedicated support tier which provides core email support. Of course, as your startup grows we are happy to offer upgrades to the Enterprise and Multinational tiers. In addition to paid support, Concurnas Ltd. supports the free Concurnas support community