Use cases for Concurnas

Concurnas, being a multi-paradigm general purpose programming language, has applications in most areas of computing. Concurnas is especially useful for enterprising computing and the following areas in particular:


Concurnas is useful for those working in finance due to its high performance, easy to learn type safe syntax, native scalability, compatibility with Java, support for GPU computing and reactive programming.

» Concurnas for Finance

Scientific Computing

Concurnas is a powerful language in its own right, and one which also provides tools to extend the language and build DSLs. This along with first class citizen support for commonly used methods within the scientific computing community such as vectorization, GPU computing, off heap memory and distributed computing, make Concurnas an ideal language for performing scientific computing.

» Concurnas for Scientific Computing


Startups can benefit greatly from making use of Concurnas. Concurnas is a language which is designed to be used and scale from prototype through to production, with minimal code changes/rewrites required. With an easy to learn type safe syntax that enables one to be productive from day one.

» Concurnas for Startups