Concurnas newsletter - March 2020

Welcome to the March newsletter!

Since its launch in December 2019 the Concurnas programming language has seen tremendous growth, in the press, in visits to the Concurnas website and in downloads of the language itself. In this issue we examine:

  • The content of the latest Concurnas release 1.14.020.
  • Concurnas in the press.
  • The growth of Concurnas.
  • How you can contribute.

The latest Concurnas release

The latest Concurnas release broadens the scope of JDK compatibility to include all JDK versions from 8 through to 13 (the latest) inclusive. We also have the following enhancements:

  • New tools for working with Strings including:
    • character iterators: x for x in "myString"
    • individual character referencing: str[n]
    • sublists: str[n ... y]
  • Method/function references now have a nice toString() representation: plus10 (int) int = def(a int) { a + 10 }; plus10.toString()//(java/lang/Integer) java/lang/Integer
  • Minor bugfixes and line number references on multi line inputs for the Concurnas REPL.

Download the latest version with SDKMAN! or the Concurnas website.

Concurnas in the press

Concurnas has recently seen an increased amount of attention from the press. Here is the summary of the latest coverage:

The growth of Concurnas

Since its launch in December 2019 the Concurnas programming language has seen tremendous growth. We observe this both in terms of traffic to the Concurnas website and downloads of the language itself from github.


Concurnas is an open source programming language, we are often asked how volunteers may contribute to the language. Here are the top areas of focus right now:

  1. Writing articles/videos on how to use Concurnas, tutorials, how-to's, sample applications etc.
  2. Working directly on Concurnas, there are a few github issues currently, more will be added in the near future.
  3. Suggesting/researching improvements to Concurnas, extra features, tools etc.
  4. Using the language to build software and providing feedback on the usability of documentation.

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